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5-Year High School Graduation Rates

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Secondary Education

Public school enrollment in the region is approximately 191,000, including both public systems and public charter schools.

Vocational Training

The region's public school systems offer a wide variety of vocational training programs at the high school level. Most fall into the following categories:

  • Business/Information Technology
  • Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Agriculture
  • Health Occupations
  • Computer/Network Engineering
  • Maintenance Programs

Charter Schools

These are public schools operated by local leadership groups (parents or non-profits, for example). Charter schools provide more local autonomy, and often focus on particular student target groups, or on a specific core curriculum, such as the performing arts or technology skills. There are eight charter schools in the region, with a combined enrollment of about 10,373 students for the 2019-20 school year.

Private Schools

There are many private schools located throughout the region. Some are elementary only; others are K through 12.

Click here for report cards on individual schools and school districts in the region.

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STEM Schools

The region is home to eleven Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) learning centers that include Learn and Early Learn Colleges and STEM Redesigned High Schools and Specialized Academies. These programs are preparing advanced learners for the many opportunities that exist in the region for graduates.


  • Craven Early College
  • James B. Kenan School of Engineering
  • Edgecombe County Early College H.S.
  • Greene County Early College H.S.
  • Lenoir County Early College H.S.
  • Nash-Rocky Mount Early/Middle College H.S.
  • Wayne Early/Middle College H.S.
  • Goldsboro H.S. of Science and Engineering
  • Wayne School of Engineering at Goldsboro H.S.
  • Virtual Early College High School
  • ECU/Pitt Community College
  • Health Sciences Academy