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Eastern North Carolina Schools Respond to COVID-19 Outbreak: PCS

April 22, 2020

During difficult times our regional school districts are among the first to respond in meeting the needs of students, families and community. Our schools are unheralded centers of action who always rise to the occasion without hesitation or expectation of reward or recognition. To that end, we want to be sure that we share with our regional partners all that our STEMEast member school districts are doing to meet the educational and community needs throughout this crisis. We will be highlighting specific districts or schools across our region over the coming weeks to help you better understand what they are doing to address this crisis while continuing to serve students and prepare them for the future of school and work in eastern North Carolina.

While Pitt County Schools is closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, students will still be able to connect with their teachers, PE coaches, media coordinators, and other staff through the unique medium of television. A community collaboration, Eastern Carolina Education Connection began airing on WNCT's sister station, the CW, Channel 9.2, on April 13, 2020. The show runs Monday-Friday and focuses on literacy at the K-2 level while also addressing physical fitness and social emotional needs. The program is fully accessible with closed captioning and fully sign-interpreted. Read more here.

While Eastern Carolina Education Connection is a collaboration with WNCT (host station) and the RICCI Law Firm (airtime sponsor), Pitt County Schools is funding the expense of video production because we believe excellent programming is essential. We also believe in reaching and engaging as many students as possible during this isolating time. Therefore, we are utilizing the medium of television and offering full accommodations, such as sign-interpretation, in order for the shows to be fully accessible to the children of Pitt County and Eastern North Carolina. If you are interested in sponsoring the production of an episode or episodes of PCS Eastern Carolina Education Connection, please contact us! Want to assist? Click here to contact school district.

"Parents for Public Schools of Pitt County has heard from our members that the Eastern Carolina Connection is a great way for their children to continue to feel connected to their schools. Children are watching the show because they see familiar faces As they watch their teachers and counselors. In the midst of virtual learning, relationships and familiarity are a critical supplement to the academic learning that takes place. An added bonus that many parents have mentioned is that their preschoolers also enjoy this show, giving them a glimpse of what they have to look forward to in the public schools in Pitt County."

STEM East is developing networks through the collaborative efforts of regional businesses, school districts, economic development municipalities, private foundations, state and local government and many others. Our intent is that students across our region will engage in real-world STEM learning opportunities that directly align with existing and emerging career opportunities in Eastern North Carolina. 


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