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We have the ability to accept a personal or corporate donation to our 501 (c)3 or a corporate investment to our 501 (c)4. For more information please contact Interim President/CEO Vann Rogerson, Board Chairman Mark Hamblin, or Board member Todd Edwards.

Vann Rogerson

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Mark Hamblin

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Todd Edwards

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Re-focused Mission

During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, NC East, like many others saw a slowdown in its traditional organizational activities. This gave the NC East Board time to talk with allies, time to access regional strengths and weaknesses, and time to refocus its operations. We are now:

1. Supporting our existing industries. Assisting with workforce deficiencies, recruiting missing industry suppliers.

2. Expanding our successful STEM East education initiative.

3. Continuing targeted company recruitment.

4. Leading regional advocacy. NC East is a convenor of stakeholders who identify, discuss, and support important regional issues and pursue solutions. This first newsletter will focus on our recent advocacy activities. Although some challenges are highlighted, our board believes that a group of “energized partners” can move our NC East region forward. Let’s make a difference and be problem solvers – together.

Identified Regional Challenges

1. Support is needed for the completion of Interstate 87

2. Across the region, there is an acute need for skilled workers. All NC East partners have echoed the need for a larger, more highly trained workforce.

3. Improve the perception of rural Eastern NC.

4. Rural Broadband limitations are a universal concern. Federal legislation making NC Broadband a utility &/or a Starlink satellite solution for the Rural East were ideas noted for further consideration.

5. Our existing industries need our support. A company’s labor shed originates in multiple counties. Permitting and tariff support for industry will become even more important in the future. The region’s manufacturers should identify suppliers who need to be recruited to our region to better support our industries.

6. Support our Rural Health Care System Our region’s future depends on it.

7. Prepare for the Offshore Wind Economy This presents a huge economic development opportunity for the region