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Interactive Maps

Explore our region and see everything Eastern North Carolina has to offer.

Video Testimonials

Hear from area business leaders about doing business in eastern NC.

Bring your business to eastern North Carolina. You’ll like it here.

To locate your business, you’re looking at workforce, highways, cost of living. You also seek a beautiful, welcoming location. You’re looking for customers and employees so you can build a special niche that’s yours alone.

It won’t take long to see that place is eastern North Carolina.

Come home to eastern North Carolina. This region east of I-95 has charm, history, and a friendly atmosphere you’ll love. But more than that, eastern North Carolina is an incubator for business. Its historic downtowns are experiencing a boom, and the time is right to become part of that growth.

Quality of Life

With scenic river fronts, tranquil parks, woods and wetlands teeming with wildlife, eastern North Carolina is dotted with small-to-medium sized towns and cities where your neighbors are your friends.

The area stays well connected via I-95 north to south, I-87 west to Raleigh, and I-40 west to L.A. 

You’ll find history that dates to the first settlements, with Native American heritage throughout the region. Neighbors embrace their differences, and celebrate what joins them: a shared love of the place they call home.

In eastern North Carolina, the composite cost of living is below the national average. And although you can’t really measure pace of life, it’s safe to say it’s below national average, too.

Resources to Support You

Universities and colleges stretch from Elizabeth City in the north, to Greenville, Rocky Mount, and south to Mt. Olive and beyond. You’ll find thriving community colleges with tailored business programs, and early college high school. It’s easy to see the opportunities for customers, an educated work force, and excellent, strong communities with a vibrant network of hospitals anchored by Vidant Medical Center.

Resources to help you open a new business in eastern N.C.

  • NC Department of Commerce Community Rural Economic Development Division offers demographic data & grant assistance
  • City, county and other economic development offices for business support and location assistance
  • Business incubators with office space, information, and connections to help your business get off the ground
  • Community College network of Small Business Centers
  • Early College High School (community college program)
  • NC Small Business & Technology Center (NCSBT)
  • Business Link NC (BLNC)
  • NC Main Street & Rural Planning Center

Universities and colleges offer programs, expertise, and students to support your growth

  • Barton College
  • Chowan University
  • East Carolina University
  • Elizabeth City State University
  • North Carolina Wesleyan College
  • University of Mount Olive

East Carolina University, with 29,000 students, has many resources


And of course the NCEast Alliance is with you every step of the way, with marketing, workforce development, and advocacy.

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Historic Downtown and Center City Properties

A new awakening is taking place in the historic downtowns of eastern North Carolina. These city center properties offer unmatched, authentic architecture, and beautiful craftsman details you won’t find anywhere else. Their prices compare to, and are even lower than street side shopping centers. With incentives and tax credits, restoration is closer than ever.

Eastern N.C.’s urban centers are at the forefront of economic development. These unique districts enjoy special status, giving business owners and dreamers like yourself many advantages such as tax incentives, credits, grants, and other forms of assistance.

These revitalized urban districts see tourists and visitors who stroll the storefronts. Why not make your business one of them? 

Tax credits will help with renovation and improvement costs, and the Federal History Preservation Tax Incentive and Tax Credits programs can help, as well.

You’ll find a list of available historic downtown properties at this link.


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